Kelly E Fine

Just A Copywriter

I've never been able to draw. Ever. As a kid, it didn't matter. Pretty much all kids suck at drawing. Except Lizzia, who could draw perfect anime even as a second grader. She's a 3D animator now, and this video is amazing. Congrats Lizzia!

But anyway back to me. Because I've always known I wanted to write, my inability to draw didn't really come up. As long as I could communicate with words, who cared if my doodles looked like doodoo? But when I started working in advertising, I noticed my copywriting cohorts could draw. They weren't necessarily art directors, but they were good enough. AdWeek calls them "hybrid creatives." I call them "very rude." 

Suddenly, my hand's refusal to cooperate started to frustrate me. So I bought a book. You Can Draw In 30 Days, by Mark Kistler. I got a sketchbook and an eraser. I did not buy good pencils or a "blending stomp," whatever that is. I really should have bought good pencils and a blending stomp. Maybe next time! 

Editor's note: There are photo captions if you click on these photos. I can't get Squarespace to show the captions without clicking. But they're funny! Please click! Unless you're on mobile. Sorry.

So Can I Draw In 30 Days? ...sort of? My doodles still mostly suck. But I did have fun being creative for 30 days, and I think that's probably the more important lesson here. 

I highly recommend saving that image from lesson 28. It's really impossible not to laugh at. You're welcome!