Specifically Specific Cards

You can buy a Christmas card for your mom anywhere. But what about your neighbor? What about your racist Facebook friend? Sarah Peng and I wanted to create some holiday cards to fit every single person in your life. You can see them all on the Tumblr page Specifically Specific.

Within a week of our first post, we were featured on Tumblr's "trending blogs" page. We had more than 5,000 followers, our 27 cards had an average of 40 notes, and our most popular card was liked or reblogged more than 100 times. 

Design: Sarah Peng

Copy: Kelly Fine


One of my favorite responsibilities at Bai is tweeting. I work closely with our social media director to create and contribute to campaigns that span across all our social channels, and I also work with our designers to come up with shareable images such as the Baiday the 13th tweet above. Since I started, the Bai twitter has grown by XX%. 

The Berrie Bradshaw tweet above was part of a longer series I did while wandering the streets of NYC one day. I'm really more of a Miranda.

After our None Of This Makes Sense commercials launched nationally, we needed to find ways to tie that idea in to our digital and in-store advertising. I thought finding outrageous facts and tweeting them in our brand voice would be a fun way to spread campaign awareness and, at the very least, make our 17,000 close friends a little smarter. I hope it worked!