USPS Irresistible Mail

The United States Postal Service needed a creative way to showcase how technology can bridge the gap between direct mail and digital campaigns. So we created a book of DMs called Irresistible Mail, featuring different technologies across different business verticals. 

This was a really concept-heavy project, which made it a really fun challenge. My partner Amber and I created 3 of the fictional companies, each complete with their own backstories and branding. Then we created 3 campaigns that integrated 3 different technologies. 

Our first concept was for a premium cable company similar to HBO or Netflix. We invented Cirque De Lune, a drama about a traveling circus. Our DM piece included tarot cards featuring 3 characters and showcased a variety of printing techniques. When scanned with an AR app, the pieces open a teaser-trailer to get viewers excited for Season 2.

Our second concept was for a luxury automobile company. Our DM piece used NFC to open a video tour of the car. My favorite part of the DM piece is the slide-out garage door. It took me 45 minutes to make the prototype out of paper and glue and I felt like an engineer. I also liked writing a dramatic car commercial. But that sliding door...

Last but not least, we came up with a DM piece that folds into a little piggy bank to advertise a bank's savings accounts for children. The QR code opens an app that allows parents to transfer money in real time. This piece is so adorable that I keep it on my desk. There's no money in it.

Agency: MRM//McCann
Client: United States Postal Service

CD: Tony Jones, Shawn Kelly
ACD: David Krulik, Sidney Zanzani-Barrier
Concept/Copy: Kelly Fine, Micky Treutlein, Antonio Fragoso
Concept/Art Direction: Amber Wing, Kelsey Liggett, Alice Xiang, Michael Mendoza
Design: Hang Zheng
Video Production: Sarofsky