The Way I See It

Austinist: A Poem About ACL


As an Austin resident, it’s literally impossible to ignore the music-festival hype, including this weekend’s ACL. But as a perpetual intern, it’s equally impossible to finance said music festivals and honestly, I’d really rather spend my money on Taco Deli anyway. The following is a limerick about my stance on Austin City Limits. It is partially driven by bitterness, obviously, but I still mostly mean the line about weird facial hairs.

ACL, what’s your big deal?

To afford you, I’d have to lie, cheat and steal. 

American revolutionary-style beards,

So many mumbled lyrics too-strongly revered,

To be honest, you’re just an ordeal.

This weekend, I’ll eat candy and sleep in instead

The thought of the traffic fills me with dread

Far too many tourists in denim and vests

Crowding my timelines like social media pests

We get it, you’re hip, enough said.

Reposted from Austinist.