The Way I See It

I think I'll go to Boston


Before writing this post, I took an inventory of the number of risks i’ve taken in my 22 years of life. I came up with exactly one.

A few months ago, I packed up my belongings and moved from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts. Fun fact: The only thing harder than leaving your family, friends and boyfriend 2000 miles away is spelling Massachusetts. When I typed it in the sentence above, I spelled it incorrectly and had to google it. Then, when I typed it the previous sentence, I misspelled it again despite having already corrected it once. But I digress.

So I moved far away, and while I wouldn’t say I’ve been totally nailing it, I have learned a few things. Primarily, I learned that I’m fantastic at being alone. I already suspected I could handle a lot of alone time, but now I’ve confirmed it. Interestingly, I rarely see people alone in this city. Everyone is beautiful and tall and 99 percent of the time, with at least one other person. That’s weird. So here, Boston, I wrote this to help:

5 things you can do alone in Boston

  1. Eat a humongous breakfast every  Sunday. There is no one there to judge you except the waitress. If we’re being completely honest, the waitress is likely going to judge you. But she’s also going to serve you your corn beef hash, and that’s really the important thing. You can eat that corn beef hash every Sunday until you’re tired of it, and then you can move on to nutella crepes. The world is your oyster!
  2. Wander around Boston Common and get really obnoxious with your instagrams. You’re alone! Do that thing where you crouch down on the ground and angle your phone up at a plant or a statue. People will like basically anything on instagram, including your 25th picture of the statue of George Washington. Everyone loves George Washington!
  3. Take the wrong train every time. No one is waiting for you. Who cares if you get on the red line instead of the orange line? Who cares if you walk 3 miles home because the train was crowded and you didn’t feel like squeezing in next to smelly Red Sox fans? No one cares. Not a single person. After a while, not even you will care.
  4. Eat at every deli within a 2 mile radius of your apartment. I realize you could definitely do this with a partner, and if you have friends in Boston, more power to you. Do this with your friends. But this blog post is about me, goddamnit, and this is something I delighted in doing alone. I’m somewhat of a roast beef connoisseur now.
  5. Drink a bottle of wine a week. This is a risky thing to put on my blog because it a little makes me sound like an alcoholic. I didn’t come here to be judged. I’m just saying that if you want to drink a bottle of wine a week, you should just do it. Keep good track so you know which bottles not to buy again. I didn’t do that. (Editor’s note: I drank two bottles of wine a week for a few weeks. Don’t worry about it.)

You’re welcome.