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When It Is Appropriate To Send Your Friend A Video Of Yourself Dancing Like You Are On Fire


We may not all be prima ballerinas, but we can all dance like we are on fire. And a dance like that needs to be shared.

  1. Her period is late.

  2. Her period is early.

  3. Her period is right on time but it’s weirdly light.

  4. She is having a hard day/week/month/2014.

  5. You look pretty good but you took a Buzzfeed quiz that hinted that you might be a little basic, so you’re trying to upgrade your usual selfie.

  6. Robyn is playing.

  7. You accidentally doubled your normal dose of adderall and your limbs are actually just doing this dance on their own.

  8. One or both of you is drunk.

  9. You’ve been watching So You Think You Can Dance and you’re feeling inspired.

  10. It’s a Tuesday, which is widely regarded as the most depressing day of the week.

  11. There is a change in her relationship status. Any change.

  12. You need more fitbit steps but you don’t want to go outside.

  13. Watching the news is straight up depressing and it’s all you can do not to take to your bed.

  14. One or both of you reached a new Twitter follower landmark.

  15. You have issues with Taylor Swift as a person but Shake It Off comes on and you're only human, after all.

  16. It’s the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday and you’re bored and your roommates aren’t home.

  17. One or both of you recently started a new job and the cool work crowd is starting to invite you out with them.

  18. You got paid.

  19. It’s been a little while since you really appreciated your body and how much it does for you.

  20. You truly are on fire and it’s mildly concerning.


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