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I'd Like to Dispute These Charges, Please

Photo by  Daveynin

Photo by Daveynin

Yesterday, I received a text from my bank alerting me of some possibly fraudulent activity on my debit card. Despite the fact that it was tucked securely in my wallet, right next to my Qdoba rewards card, someone was using the number at a gas station in Lebanon. I can only assume they used the $97.60 to buy a tank of gas and then 57 hot dogs.

The matter was resolved very quickly, but my bank prompted me to comb through my recent activity and ensure everything else was kosher. Well, USAA, you were right. I have found some charges that must be fraudulent because I would never spend money so irresponsibly.

Over the last 30 days, these charges amount to:

$45.17 at J.P. Licks, an ice cream store. This absolutely could not have been me, because I’m lactose intolerant! Granted, I love ice cream. Granted, sometimes all I need after a long day is a cup of strawberry ice cream with hot caramel topping. Granted, I absolutely ate here 9 times last month. I’d like to dispute these charges.

$68.30 at Trader Joe’s. It isn’t the amount that is shocking here, it’s that each charge was roughly $21 each, three days in a row, at the exact same time. This absolutely could not have been me. Surely, I am physically capable of getting off of the train and walking home without spending money. Unless, of course, this has anything to do with all the frozen pizzas in the freezer and the several empty boxes of green tea mochi in the recycle bin? Those were all me. Otherwise, these are totally fraudulent. I’d like to dispute these charges.

$14.99 at the Allston Wine Shop. This absolutely was me. I will take full responsibility for this, although, I believe there has been a mistake. This should be much, much higher. I have likely spent closer to $55 at this wine shop in the last 30 days. I’d like to dispute these charges.

$66.42 on Uber rides. This absolutely could not have been me. I’m not this lazy. I walk places! I take public transportation, unless it’s really far or cold or dark or late or I’m drunk! I definitely would never pay the $5 minimum just to haul my laundry to the laundromat and back. I would never take a $12 ride home from the gym during rush hour just to avoid the Red Sox fan-packed train. I would like to dispute these charges.

$23.02 at Papyrus. This absolutely could not have been me. I don’t even know $23.02 worth of people that need fancy cards. Although it was recently my father’s birthday, and a coworker announced her pregnancy and a friend moved into a new apartment in a new city. But other than those people and a few other people, I definitely couldn’t have spent this much at Papyrus. I’d like to dispute these charges.

This article originally published on The Billfold, 10/23/14